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Tapping or confusion on both sides of

 the cell annoying occupants of bees

and bee keeper encourages the attack

and Stings. But if it is checked

regularly have a hypnotic effect is

reflected on the peaceful movement of

bees, and could use this for himself. Drumming or operation of bees and

used by Beekeeper for several

purposes, including the dimensions

of bees on comb



on considere la société est la seule dévoloppée dans le domaine de l'elevage d'abeille , la production du miel, la fabrication et lexportation de tous les besoins et les produits  d'abeille . Son local principal est la Republique Arabe d'Egypte.la société s'est interéssée au monde de  l'abeille , de son elevage , la fabrication et l'exportation de tout ce que lui se rapporte depuis 1980 jusqu'au depuis 1980 jusqu'aujourd'hui. pendant cette période la société  connait du succé grace à la bonne reputation de ses produits . Elle est devenue une entreprise parfaite qui produit tous les materiels et les besoins d'abeille



Elnada enterprise has the right to distribute products company Eiffel Lebanese in each of the following countries: Egypt, Libya and Sudan, Africa, North Africa and all the Arab Maghreb countries


   Effel vitamine Means
   Effel Nictapol
   Delta anti-Bacteria

elnada enterprise has the right to distribute products Top Royal Star in each of Egypt, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE





  Royal  vitamine Means
  royal vitamine powder
  powder to treat AFB and EFB

  Royal antibiotic powder

Elnada Foundation recently acquired right to distribute products company Jacos French medicines and vitamins for bees in the Arab Republic of Egypt





   Jacos vitamine Means



Pollen, food and medicine 



In this book all you need to know On pollen in terms of installation The characteristics and methods of treatment and dose Therapeutic and contraceptive use.




Honey in folk medicine


This book includes many
Recipes, including ways to treat
wounds Using honey and treatment apparatus Digestive and liver diseases and illnesses Lungs and treatment of certain diseases.





Honey in the holy Koran


In this book Reflections of miracle The image of bees verse 68, verse 69 and explain And Avi and enough of each word of those Knight The interpretation of anyone who wants to know what is the meaning Payton scored (68) and (69) of the AL bees






Establishment Elnada

For the Production and Manufacture and Export of all supplies and all Beekeeping Equipment

A.R.E. - Dakahlya - Elsnblaween - Ezpt skr district - 10 Abd Elwahed St.

Factory wax Foundation :0020105201158   - factory filter and the mobilization of honey : 0020506697851

The wood processing workshop : 0020169009209  -   Sales : 0020103501190 -   Fax : 0020506691347

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